Musicians and others who help creating the albums published by Akosmusic

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Laszlo “Guriga” Kerekes


Born in 1951, Laszlo lives in Kaposvar, Hungary. He is the father of four daughters and the grandfather of three grandchildren. His profession has been music for over 40 years. He plays the piano, the guitar, bass guitar and harmonica. He has played in several bands during his career. He also teaches music, piano and bass.

“He is a great enthusiast. He jumps and dives into every project that comes along. He enjoys these songs very much, and also finds pleasure in the great purpose of giving the world positive music. I can see and feel this in him, and that’s one of the reasons why I enjoy working with him.” (Akos Galantai)

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Sandor “Scast” Kovats


Sandor was born in 1950. He has been learning, studying and practicing music since he was five. He started as a violinist in his childhood. When he first heard Jimi Hendrix, his life was changed forever. He switched to the guitar, and has remained a guitarist ever since. Sandor, 65 this year, still plays in several bands, studies music and practices every day, and still goes for becoming better and better. “Jazz, blues, funky” – he says.

“I started my music education as Scast’s pupil in 1994. He taught me to read and write music, he taught me to play the guitar, and many other important and useful things. The most important, I believe, is to be open towards everything new. Today I understand how lucky I was that I had the opportunity to learn from one of the greatest guitarists of our time.” (Akos Galantai)

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Peter Muller

Mix & Mastering

Peter is a freelance sound engineer running Sound 29, an online mixing and mastering facility. He started out in 2007 near the city of Pécs in Hungary but drawn by the appetite for adventure he moved to Norway in 2013. He has worked with countless artists from all over the world in many different musical genres. Besides mixing and mastering he is obsessed with synthpop music and produced several albums under the name Krachtek Elektronik.
Contact: sound29 [at] sound29 [dot] com

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Zoltan Schmidt

Mix & Mastering

Zoltan is the owner and key person at Coda Studio in Budapest. He’s been doing this since 1994. Through his work he has been a part of many great projects from around the world (both in the field of music and film). In addition to sound engineering, he is also a gifted musician. He actively plays the piano, guitar and bass guitar (fretless).
Zoltan is married and lives in Budapest with his wife and three children.
Contact: info [at] codastudio [dot] hu

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David George Rich

Language Consultant

David has been working with the English language his whole life. He has been teaching English as a second language in Europe and the US, both independently and with schools such as the internationally renowned Berlitz since 1988. He has applied his voiceover, writing, revising and editing skills as both an employee and outside consultant for clients ranging from international firms and independent artists to the national news and translation agencies of Hungary. He likes to think that his work in helping others communicate better contributes to the increased net peace and benefit of the world. You can reach him at nyelvling [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Gabor Liliom

Graphic Design

Gabor was born in 1986 and lives in Kaposvar, Hungary. He’s always had an enthusiasm for drawing, ever since early childhood. Following his passion, he studied graphic design in secondary school, which was followed by web design at university. His current work consists mainly of unique graphics and illustrations, website designs and photography.
Contact: liliomg86 [at] gmail [dot] com