Affirmations: Blues

Artist: Akos Galantai

Affirmations: Health Mantras

An album for blues lovers. Unlike typical blues though, this album helps you vibrate higher than before. Excellent musicians recorded eleven songs of a variety of subjects. Great guitar solos, stunning piano improvisation, and close to fifty minutes of affirmations sung to make you happier! Enjoy!

With Love



01. Releasing The Past       (4:45)
02. Money Magnet       (4:18)
03. I Respect You       (4:27)
04. Sending Love       (4:24)
05. Now       (4:18)
06. Loving & Lovable       (4:22)
07. Treasures       (3:36)
08. Calm & Relaxed       (3:43)
09. Free       (4:11)
10. Let Them Play       (4:18)
11. My Body       (3:33)

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