Live a conscious, healthy Life! Use music as a tool! Be happy!

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The Idea

Akosmusic is a concept that art is there to help us. Music, poetry, movies, pictures could have the purpose of serving us. Serving us means that when enjoying a piece of art, due to its positive, zen-like content, it lifts us up (instead of putting us down). The artists of Akosmusic have a deep understanding over what is positive: Only the path of Love, happiness, unconditional love, peace, joy, health, light, freedom, releasing, forgiveness, gratitude, spiritual development and so forth. For all music that comes from Akosmusic, I guarantee 100% peaceful content. May it be any musical genre from jazz to even heavy metal, the lyrics are carefully composed to remain positive.

You are the result of everything you have ever thought. Your future self and your future well-being depend on how you think, and first of all, how you think about yourself, today.

Music is a powerful tool that can motivate and build our thinking, but it can also do harm. If one listens to a song that is depressive, the melody and lyrics stay in the person’s mind even after the song is over. One whistles the melody, keeps singing the lyrics mentally without being aware of it. That is self-hypnosis, self-motivation. A great percentage of today’s music is destructive because of the negativity in the lyrics.

But if the lyrics are affirmative, positive, the effect can be a miracle. Music, or even one single song can take a huge part in one’s healing, personal development and inner peace. This is the mission of Akosmusic, to give those who are interested art which serves them.

Positive music alone cannot perform miracles, nor healing, but it’s a powerful tool in addition to all the other methods one uses.

With Love,



Akos Galantai

Producer, composer, lyricist

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I was born in Hungary in 1978. Both of my parents were music teachers at the time. Nevertheless, in early childhood I had other interests such as nature, animals, and most of all, horses and riding. I was a good student, I showed great interest and talent towards foreign languages (I started German when I was 8, Russian at the age of 11 and English at 13).

When I was 16, I started to play the guitar, most of all to be cool. I was rather talented, though. I immediately fell in love with the instrument, and after three months of practice, I formed a high school band which played cover songs. I turned out to be very creative, writing many songs which were rarely performed since they were too difficult to be played by any high school band. By the age of 22, I had over a thousand pages of manuscripts on my shelves, musicals, songs in genres from classical through alternative to heavy metal. I was into them all.

After finishing my college education in Budapest (in commerce and marketing), I moved back to Kaposvar, and started to work in a company owned by my family. In my new home, I set up a soundproof room and a computer, serving as a home studio. Here I recorded seven demo albums between 2009 and 2013 (classical songs, alternative rock, acoustic guitar instrumentals, nursery rhymes, blues, heavy metal, country songs). During this period I gained great experience in music making with plug-ins, working with other (professional) musicians, recording, and of course, composing. All this I did just for fun, as a hobby, although I had known since I was 16 that this was far more than a hobby.

So far, I have managed to free myself from my corporate business obligations; I am able to focus my creativity exclusively on creating and producing the best music possible.




You can ROCK peacefully!

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When I was a teenager, I loved heavy metal. I practiced songs and solos of my favorite bands on the guitar. Sometimes I still like to turn up the volume, step on the overdrive pedal and just hit the strings for a while. To me it feels like sports, energizing the body, letting off steam.
As I have become more and more spiritual and conscious, I realized that almost all heavy metal and hard rock lyrics are way beyond negative. What to do then? Should I not listen to them any more? But I like the music! Later I found out I wasn’t the only one with this attitude and dilemma.
Eventually, I decided to make an album for people who are attracted to rock as well as conscious thinking. And I have so many more ideas…
Rockananda became a different brand, because even with positive lyrics, some people might find this music in the Akos Galantai discography just too heavy.
With Love


Sunlight Quartet

Soothing instrumentals.

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It is a virtual band. “They” perform mellow instrumental background music. There are four instruments: drums, double bass, acoustic guitar and piano. The music of Sunlight Quartet is comprised mostly of piano improvisations on my themes. My baby son loves it, and I also enjoy it from time to time.

I felt I should separate these albums from the Akos Galantai discography because instrumental background music as an experience is different enough to become a new brand.


With Love,



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